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‘Wine shop forced to shutdown at Gnanapuram by women and students

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A wine shop at Gnanapuram that was located close to schools, colleges, churches and a temple was forced to down shutters for the past two weeks as women and students have been waging a war against shifting of the shop.

The protestors placed a coffin right in front of the shop and staged a protest preventing the trader from opening it. Slogans were written on the coffin ‘Wine makes woman widow’ and raised slogans demanding shifting of wine shops from residential areas. A number of schools, colleges and churches are located in the area. Boozers are creating nuisance on the roads and are misbehaving with women pedestrians and girl students, they alleged. They have been fighting for shifting of the shop for the past 14 days but of no vain.

BJP leaders G.Chandrasekhara Naidu and Sanjeeva Rao also participated.