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AU Sanskrit professor Yedukondalu refutes allegations of misbehaving with girl students

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Andhra University Professor of Sanskrit K.Yedukondalu who was accused of ‘misbehaving with girl students’, refuted the allegations and said it was ploy by some Post-Doctoral Fellow Scholars to malign his reputation.

He said that the Sanskrit Department has made all arrangements for the M.A. Sanskrit Semester I and II Examinations from November 6. Only students, who had attendance as per the guidelines of the university were permitted to take the examinations. The examination was scheduled to be held from 9am to noon on that day. Some students who did not have the required attendance, came with PDF scholars Vijaya Raghavan and pleaded with me till 9.20am to allow them but I refused.’, he said.

Prof.Yedukondalu said that they approached the media according to a plan and indulged in a false and malicious campaign against me and started an agitation. ‘The girl students, who covered their faces with masks made false allegations. I noticed in the video recordings that some of the girls were not even our students but they claimed that I had indulged in indecent behaviour with them. I had brought this to the notice of the police and they are investigating in it’, he said.