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DLSA chairperson gives call to settle disputes through mediation

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Principal District Judge and District Legal Services Authority chairperson P.V.Jyothirmai on Saturday said there was a great need for settling disputes through mediation and conciliation procedures.

Speaking at a meeting on awareness on mediation conducted by the Medium and Arbitration Centre-Hyderabad on the District Court premises. Trainers from Hyderabad and Rajahmahendravam Manjira Venkatesh, Seetha Devi and K.Bhagyalakshmi conducted one-day programme. Thirty-one judicial officers in the city, panel advocates, retainer-lawyers of DLSA attended.

Speaking at the meeting, she said mediation was the surest way of resolving the long pending legal disputes. Large number of disputes could be effectively resolved when both the parties to the disputes come to an arbitrator and to solve the problems without any expenses saving a lot of time.