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Digital classrooms inaugurated in Municipal Schools

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Friday, July 7, 2017

As part of Smart City Corporation Limited, digital classrooms were inaugurated on an experimental basis at China Waltair Municipal School, KDPM (Lawson’s Bay Colony) and MVD School (Dandu Bazaar).

Solar rooftop energy was inaugurated at China Waltair and KDPM Schools. Lok Sabha Member K.Haribabu speaking on the occasion said that in the first phase, digital classrooms would be launched in six municipal schools with a cost of Rs.1.09 crore. Steps were on to take up digital classrooms in 25 schools later spending Rs.5.9 crore. An action plan was readied to make solar power available in 124 schools with Rs.3 crore, he said.

GVMC Commissioner M.Hari Narayanan who presided the meeting gave an account of the developmental works being taken up.