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E-Mail to Araku MP Geeta demanding money in exchange of some incriminating documents

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Araku MP Kothapalli Geetha today lodged a complaint with Dwarka Police Station stating that she received a mail demanding her to pay some amount in exchange of some incriminating documents pertaining to some alleged illegal assets of the MP.

Police sources said that M.G.Krishna who claimed to be an officer with the ACB had sent a mail to the MP stating that he has some documents pertaining to some illegal assets of the MP and he asked her some money in exchange of them. He even gave the account number of a PSU bank and asked her to deposit the money within one day.

‘I have noticed the e-mail at Hyderabad Airport when I was going from Tirupati to New Delhi and informed the police’, said the MP. The police have registered a complaint and investigation is on.