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Four policemen get bail in Jodhpur

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Four members of the city police who were arrested by the ACB, Rajasthan got bail in Jodhpur today.

The four policemen were arrested in Jodhpur for allegedly demanding and accepting a bribe from the accused persons whom they had gone to arrest in a dacoity case. Their bail applications had been rejected three times.

DCP (Law and Order) K.Fakeerappa had personally gone to Jodhpur to secure their bail and according to him, unconditional bail was grnted to the four policemen. The police officers who were arrested included Inspector of Crime Wing (North Division) RVRK Choudhari, Sis Sk.Sharif and Gopal Rao and constable S.Hari Prasad.

The four member team had gone to Jodhpur to arrest and recover the gold in connection with a dacoity case and was reported in PM Palem in August. They were arrested on November 6 by the Rajasthan ACB.