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GVMC cracks whip on solid waste disposal

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Residents’ Welfare Associations of apartments and gated communities will incur the wrath of GVMC if they fail to segregate dry and wet waste from December onwards.

GVMC as per solid waste management guidelines ssued by the Central Government and Central Pollution Control Board has to recycle dry waste and use organic waste as compost. GVMC Commissioner M.Hari Narayan speaking to pressmen that they are explaining the importance to the residents’ welfare associations. ‘If they fail to heed to our advice, we will be constrained to take stringent action against them as per rules’, he said.

A notice was issued on enforcement of solid waste management rules. Those who produce waste should also take up the responsibility to segregate at the source, he said. Bulk waste of over 100 kg should be used for composting. For commercial establishments, GVMC has issued notice and if required , he said that they would cancel their licences.