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GVMC introduces Enterprise Resource Planning

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Grater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has introduced Enterprise Resource Planning that enables a host of tax related services online.

Self-assessment of property tax, vacant land tax, mutation, sub-division, vacancy remission and revision of petitions can be made online now the process of ERP introduction completed and now in place. Those who have constructed new houses or acquired new properties may approach the Citizen Service Centre at ‘Saukaryam’ facility of GVMC or its zone office with the relevant details for uploading in the given form with documents or can do it themselves online.

The online application goes to the tax collector and the revenue inspector concerned and the latter will make a field visit and if any of the details are incorrect he will have them to edit option with him. However, inspections can be made at any level by officials concerned. After verification at lower levels it is approved by the Zonal Commissioners, Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Additional Commissioner (Finance) or the Commissioner depending upon the value or value of the property incase of Vacant Land Tax. The half year property tax is communicated to the assesse by SMS alert. A revision petition can also be filled online within 15 days if one finds that the tax is on the higher side.