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Gold smuggler under observation at KGH

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Monday, October 2, 2017

The passenger who was detained by Customs officials at the airport on Sunday reportedly to smuggle gold is still under observation of the doctors in KGH.

According to sources, the Customs officials confirmed that the passenger, a Sri Lankan national was trying to smuggle gold and it is not cocaine as initially thought of. The passenger, who arrived from Sri Lanka in the morning flight was detained . It is learnt that he was carrying gold in the form of small biscuits in his rectum and had also swallowed some quantity. ‘ We are trying to recover the gold both from his rectum and stomach and it is being done by the doctors in the KGH. The extracting process is time taking and has to be done carefully under medical supervision’, said a Customs official.

After recovery of the gold, this would be the second major gold seizure in the airport after the June 2015 case when Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officials seized 63 kg of gold from 57 passengers.