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Issuance of driving license goes online apart from other services

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Transport Commissioner N.Balasubrahmanyam launched online service for issue of licences at a trade union office and an automobile dealer showroom here for the first time in the State on Saturday.

Earlier, applicants had to book slots through Mee Seva centres, visit the RTA office and form separate queues for taking the application forms, for getting their digital photo in the photo room and for payment of the requisite fee. The applicants had to spend a couple of hours at the RTA for all these works.

Online applicants can simply log on to and fill in the application form, take their passport size photograph with their smart phone and upload it and also pay the requisite fee online. The system is linked to Aadhaar and it would extract the details of the individuals. The applicant has to scan a copy of his/her present address and upload it, if there is a change in the address form that given in the Aadhaar.

Online applicants need not apply for any other forms at the RTA office. They can directly take the test after getting their finger print scanned for identification. The services pertaining to renewal of licence, issue of duplicate licence, change of address and other services will also be made online.