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Judicial probe sought into the land scam-Ayyanna Patrudu submits evidences

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Friday, July 14, 2017

CPI State secretary K.Ramakrsihna has demanded the expanding the scope of the inquiry into land scandals to ten mandals in the district.

Since the number of complains had already crossed 1,000, SIT would not be able to handle it and reiterated the party’s demand for a judicial inquiry.

Ayyanna Patrudu submits evidences

Meanwhile, Minister for Roads and Buildings Ch.Ayyanna Patrudu today submitted key evidences to the SIT . He said that influential land-grabbers had fraudulently created documents pertaining to government lands and mortgaged the same to various public secotr banks to raise over Rs.190 crore. He suspected that over 1,700 acres of land including private and government were under encroachment in the district. He said that would meet the SIT officials again on July 19 to submit some more documents on the land scams.

It may be recalled that the Minister had publicly aired his views in the scam and suspected the role of a few TDP leaders in it. This resulted a rift between him and HRD Minsiter Ganta Srinivasa Rao who went to the extend of writing a letter to the Chief Minister on Ayyanna Patrudu.

BJP MLA P.Vishnu Kumar Raju faulted the decision of the SIT to close public interactions. The decision of the SIT to accept complaints from general public only up to July 15 and politicians up to July 20 is not correct. They should extend the time by at least 15 days. The message of formation of SIT on land scams had just gone to the public and many more people are eager to submit their representations, he said.