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MLA offers reward of Rs.10,000 who lodges complaint to ACB on corrupt officials

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Visakhapatnam (North) MLA P.Vishnu Kumar Raju has said that he will give a reward of Rs.10,000 to those who lodge a complaint with the ACB against corruption against corrupt government officials or assist the ACB in arresting the corrupt.

The MLA said that he had motivated Venkat Reddy who was being harassed by a chairman of the Town Planning Department of GVMC to lodge a complaint with the ACB. The ACB laid a trap and arrested N.V.Tulasi Kumar on Monday while he was accepting a bribe of Rs.25,000 from Venkata Reddy.

He said that the ACB has been doing commendable job and in the recent times arrested many bigwigs and recovered assets worth crores of rupees disproportionate to their known sources of income but still the menace continues. The MLA will reward Venkata Reddy with Rs.10,000. He said that it is not a big amount but the idea is to motivate the people to come forward and approach the ACB and get corrupt officials booked. He added that the reward is open and not limited to the residents of my constituency.