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MP Haribabu seeks separate Governor for the State

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BJP State president and Visakhapatnam MP K.Haribabu has urged the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to take steps to appoint a Governor exclusively for Andhra Pradesh.

In a letter to the Union Minister, he said the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was functioning from Hyderabad. ‘There is a strong feeling and desire in the minds of the people of the State to have a Governor exclusively for Andhra Pradesh, he said in his letter which was released to the press.

It may be recalled that BJP Floor leader in the Assembly P.Vishnu Kumar Raju voiced the demand saying there was delay in the Governor giving his ascent to the NALA Act and wanted a Governor for the State.

With the construction of temporary Secretariat, the administration shifted there. There is also a demand for division of High Court of the two States functioning in Hyderabad. A separate High Court should be established for Andhra Pradesh, Haribabu said in his letter.