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Minister Narayana sets GVMC April as deadline for completion of works

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Minister for Municipal Administration P.Narayana has said that a total of 596 engineering works in GVMC being executed with Rs.400 crore will be completed by the end of April.

The works released to those taken up with 13th and 14th Finance Commissions, SC/ST components and general funds, Narayana said after a review meeting with the officials today said that the process of online approval had made the approvals simple but if wrong data was given it would be detected in post verification leading to demolition. He said during the last two years, 52,000 online approvals were given and tele-caller survey showed that 95 per cent people were happy.

A Task Force with ten officials under the Director of Town Planning was set up to verify into the 5% deviations and to take action against it. He said that 6.81 lakh houses had been sanctioned across the State and a subsidy of Rs.4 lakh was being given by the Central and the State governments. In Visakhapatnam of the 1.5 lakh houses required, only 58,000 were sanctioned because of lack of land.