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New oxygen tanker in KGH inaugurated – it will cater need for two weeks

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

A new 13 KL oxygen tanker was installed and inaugurated at the KGH on Saturday.

The tanker was inaugurated by Director of Medical Education N.Subba Rao. The hospital had eight locus points of oxygen supply for various patient care units. This tanker acts as a central point for supply of oxygen to the patient care units. The tanker will supply oxygen to Bhavnagar, RP and paediatric wards and will meet the demand for a period of about one week to ten days.

At present, there about 900 outlets for patients and 700 flow-meters are available for timely patient care in the KGH. With this oxygen tanker, patients will not suffer due to insufficient or lack of oxygen in the hospitals for more than two weeks.