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Significant changes in tourism policy likely to attract more investments

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Minister for Tourism Bhuma Akhila Priya has said that the government is contemplating significant changes in the tourism policy to attract more investments in the State.

Addressing the participants at the Regional Conference of Investors and Stakeholders organized by AP Chambers of Commerce and the AP Tourism department today, she said that there were some gaps in between the Tourism department and investors. She said that the gaps should be bridged.

There were issues like allotment of land to mega tourism projects and action plan was being prepared to address the issue. Technology would be used to promote tourism and certain critical policy changes, both at the State level and the Central level were necessary to give a boost to the tourism sector, she said. She promised to take up the issue of relaxing Coastal Regulatory Zone norms to promote beach tourism.

Tourism secretary M.K.Meena said that 145 MoUs relating to tourism had been signed during the past two years entailing investment of Rs.10,300 crore. Till date 74 had been grounded entailing an investment of Rs.3,500 crore and the remaining were struck in technical and financial problems.

The APTDC Managing Director Himanshu Shukla explained the process of allotment of land to the tourism projects.