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Students stage protest demanding hike in scholarship and mess charges

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Students staged a protest under the aegis of the SFI seeking a solution to their long pending issues like hike in the scholarships and mess charges for hostel students and release of the fee-reimbursement amounts payable to them on Monday.

They first staged a protest opposite the Gandhi statue near GVMC and later took out a rally to the Collectorate. SFI city secretary K.Prithviraj said the Chief Minister had promised twice in the past that the mess charges would be hiked by 50 per cent but was not implemented so far. During the last three years, the scholarships and fee reimbursement were not paid to students fully. There were vacant posts of teachers from the primary school to university level but were not filled so far.

He said that there were committees to hike the salaries of MLAs and Ministers but no such thing for socially and economically poor students. The SFI student leaders demanded formation of a committee to deliberate on the problems of the students.