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Visakhapatnam news as on January 4, 2018

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Cockfights opposed

YSRCP has opposed the reported conduct of horseracing in the city and urged the police to end to organizing cockfights during Sankranti. YSRCP spokesperson P.Murty Yadav said in spite of protests the off-course tote at Adarshanagar was continuing ruining the lives of the poor and the middle class. He said any move to organize betting or cockfights spoiling the culture of the people of Visakhapatnam would be opposed by the party.

Workshop at Sankar Eye hospital

A three-day workshop on practice management for ophthalmologists/administrators got under way at Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital today. Inaugurating the course, managing trustee K.Manimala gave an overview of development of the SFEH. CEO K.Anand Sudhan, doctors T.Ravindra, Nasreen and N.J.Sirisha were among those present.

Pedaveerraju gold medal presented

A post-graduate of Pathology Kusumanchi N.M.Manikumari won the annual Dr.Pedaveeraraju gold medal for the research paper in the competition conducted by the Andhra Medical College Research Forum. The fourm conducts the competition sponsored by Dr.E.Pedaveeraraju, former Professor and HoD of Gastroenterology, AMC.

Appointed senate member

B.Devi Madhavi has been appointed member of the Academic Senate of Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences. The term for the membership of Dr.Madhavi of AMC will be for three years.

Three sentenced to traffic duty for drink driving

The Fifth Metropolitan Magistrate DKVR Mohana Rao sentenced three persons who were caught for driving under the influence of alcohol to three days of traffic duty and a fine of Rs.1,000 each today.