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Visakhapatnam news as on October 23,2017

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Anglo-Indians AGM held

Anglo-Indians of Vizag celebrated the success of the recently concluded 140th National Annual General Meeting which was attended by over 500 delegates from all over the country. Members of the community met at the Celebrity Beach Farm House near Sagar Nagar for a get-together which included lots of fun, music, dance and dinner.

6,960 fever cases reported

A total of 6,960 outpatients and 491 in patient cases of fevers have been reported from the district on Monday. They include 2,185 malaria positive cases, 375 viral fevers, including 12 dengue and 27 PUO cases according to DM&HO

Names finalized for 24/7 PHC posts

The list of candidates who had applied for the post of medical officers and Staff Nurses at the 24/7 Primary Health Centres in the Agency areas of the district has been finalized based on certificates submitted by them according to a press release by DM&HO. The list has been displayed at the Offices of the DM&HO in the city and the Additional DM&HO at Paderu. The applicants have to verify the list and if they have any objections, submit the same to the DM&HO or at the Additional DM&HO by October 26. Objections would be entertained.

204 Mee Seva centres to come up

The district has been sanctioned 376 ‘Mee Seva’ centres and for 204 of the centres letters of sanction were given away by the District Collector Pravin Kumar. Meanwhile, notices asking for explanation have been issud to officials who absented themselves to the video conference organized by the District Collector with the Tehsildars and mandal officials from Sabbavaram on Saturday.

Awareness meet on solar power

An awareness meet on solar power was organized under the auspices of Battery Zone and Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited on Monday. Authorised dealers of Luminous were informed about the benefits of solar power and need to promote it as a social responsibility for the protection of the environment.

Plea to cement firms

District Collector Pravin Kumar on Monday sought the cooperation of cement companies by timely supply of cement for completion of 2.4 lakh toilets and contribute to realizing the Swachh Bharat objectives. DWMA Project Director Kalyan Chakravarthy and Panchayat Raj Superintendent Engineer Venugopal participated.

Workshop inaugurated

A two-week workshop on 'Entrepreneurship Development Programme' was inaugurated at St.Joseph's College for Women (Autonomous) today. The objective of the workshop is to create a talent pool of faculty trainers in EDP in collaboration with National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Hyderabad.