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Women organization up in arms against the proposed beauty contest

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Activists of women organizations who are up in arms against the proposed beauty contest ‘Miss Vizag-2017’ continued their protest today.

A group of women dressed in black staged a protest near the Telugu Talli statue at Maddilapalem and the police immediately swung into action and physically lifted them into a waiting police van. During the course of action, the sari of a woman torn off and created further tension. It was the second time of such kind of incidence during the protest against the ‘Miss Vizag-2017’. They alleged that the contest aims at projecting the women in a bad light.

All India Democratic Women’s Association State president B.Prabhavati said the police were merciless towards them and trying to suppress the agitation. They alleged that the police were callous in handling those who arrived at the venue of protest. The police reportedly arrested 13 women activists. The representatives of women organizations vowed to continue their protest till the pageant was cancelled.