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50 Jana Sena Party activists arrested for staging dharna in front of the house of MP

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

About 50 workers of Jana Sena Party were arrested by the police when they staged a dharna in front of Visakhapatnam MPs house K.Haribabu today evening.

Around 150 of them had gone to submit a representation urging the MP to raise the DCI privatization and railway zone issue during the winter session of Parliament. After finding out that the MP was not at home, they squatted in front of his house and 50 of them were arrested by the police and were later released.

Jana Sena workers said that the protest was a peaceful one and they squatted and staged a dharna in front of the house of Haribabu. It would have been avoided if the MP would have arranged to have it taken, the dharna should not have been staged, they said.

Earlier in the day, Chalasani Srinivas, Samaikandhra Intellectual Forum president visited the relay fast venue being conducted by DCI employees at Sea Horse Junction.