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Chief Minister to lay foundation stone for NAD flyover today

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu will lay foundation stone to the NAD Flyover today.

The Rs.113 crore, Double Rotary Intersection is said to be the first of its kind in the country. It will have one-levl for light motor vehicles and another for heavy vehicles including buses and a pedestrian way to enable seamless flow of traffic said VUDA Vice Chairman P.Basant Kumar. The lower level will be 21.2 meters and the upper level 24.5 meters.

The green space in the middle is the heat island that reduce the effect of heat and can be used a hawker’s zone or for parking. The design is yet to vetted by an IIT. The flyover will be constructed by Vijay Nirman on engineering, procurement and construction basis and is expected to be completed in 18 months. VUDA will provide the required finance.

Visakhapatnam North MLA PGVR Naidu (Ganababu) said that with no traffic signals and pedestrian bridges it will save time and will be of immense relief to people coming from various parts of the city and vice versa.

Traffic curbs:: The city traffic police have imposed restrictions on several routes following the Chief Minister who lay foundation stone to NAD flyover. Vehicles going to NAD junction via Sheelanagar, Gopalapatnam, Marripalem and R&B junction will have to find alternative routes. Vehicles going towards airport and Gajuwaka from Pendurthy have been asked to go via Gopalapatnam, Chandranagar, Yellapuvanipalem, NH 16, Sattivanipalem to reach Sheelanagar. Vehicles going to city from Gopalapatnam and Pendurthy will have to take BRDS route at Vepagunta and proceed via Appannapalem, Goshala, Simhachalam, Adavivaram, Simhachalam Central Jail. Vehicles going towards airport and Gajuwaka from city limits will have to take diversion at Thatichetlapalem, Kancharapalem Mettu, Gnanapuram, Convent junction, port road Maruti circle and Sheelanagar. Vehicles coming form Gajuwaka to city will have to take diversion at Sheelanagar. No heavy vehicles will be allowed and they would be diverted at Lankelapalem to take Anandapuram route. .